Wf4Ever addresses some of the challenges associated to the preservation of scientific experiments in data-intensive science, including:

  • The definition of models to describe, in a standard way, scientific experiments by means of workflow-centric Research Objects, which comprise scientific workflows, the provenance of their executions, interconnections between workflows and related resources (e.g., datasets, publications, etc.), and social aspects related to such scientific experiments.

  • The collection of best practices for the creation and management of Research Objects.

  • The analysis and management of decay in scientific workflows.

To address these challenges, we are creating an architecture and tooling for the access, manipulation, sharing, reuse and evolution of Research Objects in a range of disciplines. This will result into the next generation RO-enabled myExperiment.


Should you wish to cite Wf4Ever, we suggest you to use the following reference: Belhajjame K, Corcho O, Garijo D, Zhao J, Missier P, Newman DR, Palma R,  Bechhofer S, Garcia-Cuesta E, Gómez-Pérez JM, Klyne G, Page K, Roos M, Ruiz JE, Soiland-Reyes S, Verdes-Montenegro L, De Roure D, Goble CA: Workflow-Centric Research Objects: A First Class Citizen in the Scholarly Discourse. In proceedings of the ESWC2012 Workshop on the Future of Scholarly Communication in the Semantic Web (SePublica2012), Heraklion, Greece, May 2012


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