Press Releases


Title Author Publish Date
Wf4Ever in brochure of Success stories in Wielkopolska region, presented in event for the launch of H2020 in the region wf4ever project 1/30/14
RO quality work presented in ISWC 2013 wf4ever project 1/21/14
ROs in 3rd edition Life Science Information course Kristina Hetnne 5/22/13
ROs in 3rd edition Life Science Information course Kristina Hetnne 5/22/13
Best Paper at SePublica 2013 wf4ever project 5/22/13
Wf4Ever and W3C PROV Khalid Belhajjame 5/4/13
School on AstroTaverna VO Workflows Jose Enrique Ruiz 4/12/13
Call for Papers | 1st International Workshop on the Digital Preservation of Research Methods and Artefacts (DPRMA 2013) Raul Palma 4/11/13
Wf4Ever in ISMB/ECCB 2013 Jun Zhao 3/13/13
Wf4Ever in Beyond PDF2 Aleix Garrido 3/4/13
ROs appear as a use case in the LDP WG Aleix Garrido 3/4/13
Dr Zhao guest lecturer in the First Oxford Reproducibility Training Course Jun Zhao 2/12/13
Prof. Goble gave invited talk at the Scholarly Communication Workshop, Pittsburgh, 14-15 January 2013 Jun Zhao 1/17/13
10 Best Practices for Workflow Design at SWAT4LS Kristina Hetnne 11/21/12
Prof Goble's Keynote at JCL2012 Jun Zhao 6/18/12
Wf4Ever@ISWC2012 Jun Zhao 6/2/12
Taverna looks at the sky Jose Enrique Ruiz 5/18/12
Wf4Ever@IIPC General Assembly Sean Bechhofer 5/16/12
Querying Provenance of Workflow Results Esteban García 5/16/12
NBIC Application Showcase Award for tool to run Taverna workflows from a web page Marco Roos 5/8/12
Wf4Ever in IPAW 2012 Khalid Belhajjame 4/27/12
Wf4Ever project was presented last January 18th in "Virtual Observatory France" Jose Enrique Ruiz 3/1/12
Sharing Interoperable Workflows Jun Zhao 2/8/12
Research objects Stian Soiland-Reyes 1/19/12
The Third workshop on the Role of Semantic Web in Provenance Management Khalid Belhajjame 12/28/11
Architectural Principles and Preliminary Architecture Published Jun Zhao 12/23/11
Research Object Quality Preservation Esteban García 12/20/11
Research Object Vocabulary Specification v0.1 Raul Palma 12/13/11
Wf4Ever at Microsoft's 2011 eScience workshop and IEEE eScience Conference Raul Palma 12/13/11
Wf4Ever at Dagstuhl: The Future of Research Aleix Garrido 12/12/11
Scientific Workflows in Astronomy Jose Enrique Ruiz 12/2/11
Carole Goble keynote at IC3K Sean Bechhofer 11/14/11
Prof. Dave De Roure presented at the Microsoft Research workflow last week Jun Zhao 11/2/11
A paper named "A New Approach for Publishing Workflows: Abstractions, Standards, and Linked Data" by Garijo and Gil accepted in WORKS11 Jun Zhao 10/21/11
Wf4Ever to be presented at iPRES 2011 wf4ever project 10/20/11
Wf4Ever to be presented in the 7th IEEE e-Science conference Jun Zhao 10/18/11
Wf4Ever presented at the CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication wf4ever project 6/28/11
Wf4Ever present at the workshop of the "Landscpe and Identities" wf4ever project 6/13/11
Wf4Ever presented at the .Astronomy Conference wf4ever project 4/12/11
Wf4Ever was presented at the Workshop of Understanding Provenance and Linked Open Data wf4ever project 4/1/11
Taverna, BioCatalogue and myExperiment webinar wf4ever project 3/4/11
Wf4Ever presented at the International Virtual Observatory Alliance wf4ever project 3/4/11
BioCatalogue in MIRIAM wf4ever project 2/28/11
Wf4Ever presented at the Future Internet Assembly wf4ever project 12/18/10
Wf4Ever Started! wf4ever project 12/3/10